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Why Family Resource Centres?

Family Resource Centres (FRC) are integral to social prescribing and contribute to a comprehensive, practical, and community-driven approach to improving health and well-being. With 121 FRCs located in some of the country's most disadvantaged communities, these centres provide a community-based model of family and individual support. This model is at the heart of the FRC Programme and plays an important role in delivering Social Prescribing across the Cork and Kerry Regions.

Why are FRCs a good fit for Social Prescribing services?

Diverse Resources: FRCs collaborate with a broad cohort of community organisations and groups and provide access to a wide array of resources and services.

Social Connection: FRCs facilitate opportunities for social interaction and connection and promote a sense of belonging and support within their community.

Culturally Sensitive: FRCs are culturally sensitive and inclusive and understand their populations' cultural nuances, preferences, and diverse needs.

Accessible: FRCs are often more accessible and familiar to individuals.

Trusted: Participants are often more likely to accept referrals and engage in recommended activities when FRCs endorse them.

Sustainable: FRCs have the knowledge and expertise to support social prescribing initiatives over the long term.

Continuous Improvement: FRCs facilitate the exchange of ideas, best practices, and feedback, driving the adaptation and refinement of services based on local needs and evolving trends.

Read more about the FRC Cork and Kerry Social Prescribing Project here

Grace Kearney, National Lead for Health and Well-being, and Rita Bevan, Cork & Kerry Regional Social Prescribing Coordinator, both with the Family Resource Centre National Forum, attended the Implementing a Systems Approach to Mental Health Promotion: From Policy to Practice Thursday, on 13 June 2024, Áras Moyola, University of Galway.

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