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Social Prescribing Policy, Research and Practic: Transforming Systems and Communities for Improved Health and Wellbeing

Social Prescribing Policy, Research, and Practice

Due to be published on the 12 Apr 2024 Social Prescribing Policy, Research, and Practice delves into the growing field of social prescribing, offering a comprehensive exploration of its evolution, implementation, and impact across different social prescribing models in England, Wales, Portugal, Germany, Republic of Ireland, Canada and Singapore.This timely book navigates the intersection of healthcare, social care, and community support, examining how social prescribing initiatives are reshaping healthcare delivery and addressing the holistic needs of individuals. Through a blend of policy analysis, research insights, and practical case studies, this book serves as a vital resource for policymakers, healthcare professionals, researchers, and practitioners seeking to understand and leverage the potential of social prescribing to promote well-being and address the social determinants of health in diverse communities.

Chapter 8 : Social Prescribing in Ireland: From Ad Hoc to Universal Provision

This chapter informs us Ireland has adopted social prescribing as part of its programme for government, and the Health Service Executive has produced a framework for social prescribing to support projects, including the formation and funding of a new type of healthcare professional, the link worker. In the first part of this chapter, the authors outline the health and policy history in which social prescribing sits, and describe the journey from pilot project to national implementation. In the second part of the chapter, they review the Irish evidence for social prescribing to date. Finally, they discuss the practice of social prescribing in Ireland, using two projects – one rural, one urban – as case studies to demonstrate practice from design to implementation and include a participant story to illustrate the impact social prescribing can have on a personal level. This Chapter pages115 to 129 is authored by David Robinson; Bernie McGowan; Eleanor Gallagher; Anne Sheridan; Gerard Boyle.


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