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ECHO – a learning network to support social prescribing in the HSE

In 2021 the HSE published their HSE Social Prescribing Framework to support the mainstreaming and integration of social prescribing within the HSE. There are now close to 50 HSE-funded social prescribing services across the country. All of these services are delivered by community and voluntary organisations in partnership with the HSE.

In 2023, the HSE established the ECHO virtual learning network for Social Prescribers and for HSE staff supporting the delivery of social prescribing in order to share learning and good practice among those involved in the delivery of social prescribing. Virtual meetings are held for two hours every month on a curriculum of topics co-produced with the learners of the network. Examples of topics include: the role of coaching for social prescribers, self-care and supervision and working with participants with mental health challenges.

Author: Orla Walsh Project Manager - Mental Health & Wellbeing Programme at Health Service Executive (HSE)


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